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Marketing Management Consulting

Dasinger. MS Consulting
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Company Philosophy

The company Dr. h.c. Harald Dasinger/Dasinger. MS Consulting, founded 1997, is a German marketing- & sales consulting company with partner-companies in different European countries and suppliers in the Far East.

1. With the demand for high quality of our services, we never do compromises, because for us our client - whom we consider as a friend and partner is the
most important person in our company on whom we are focusing all our efforts.

2. We wish, that our business-partners and future clients will come to us with confidence and the full awareness that they get the best possible solution for their needs. 

3. This is why we always solve all the problems together like a team and stand up constantly for the highest quality, reliability and service. 

4. Our organization ensures that we always offer the right services and solutions - no plans and methods of the rack, but tailored recipes that are precisely on the individual tasks and requirements of our clients are matched.

We see our purpose in offering our clients commodities of best quality and 
custom-made concepts, which are strictly adapted to their needs and 
and we participate actively in the implementation of the innovation process.

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